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You probably have some questions so let's get them out of the way!

  • Is it free to join?

    Yes. Absolutely! Let's get this one answered right away. It is free to join our lifelong journey full of interesting and exciting Marine Science experiences!

  • What is Marine Science Odyssey?

    We are a Marine Science Community Learning Platform for all who have an interest in the oceans, sea life, fish, the environment and more. If you're curious and want to explore a little or a lot then you are welcome to join us on our learning adventures.

  • What is an Odyssey?

    An Odyssey is defined as "a long journey full of interesting and exciting experiences." Our Odyssey is just that - interesting and exciting experiences that last a lifetime. The oceans change over time and new knowledge is discovered and we want to bring that knowledge to everyone over a lifetime. Besides, it's a great way to stay connected to the oceans!

  • Who can join Marine Science Odyssey?

    Anyone. If you're just curious about what's out there, or you have a passion for ocean knowledge, or you want to become a Marine Scientist - all great reasons to join. Do you Homeschool your kids? Are you going into college for Marine Science? Are you a Citizen Scientist? Whatever your situation is, we encourage you to be part of Marine Science Odyssey. There is no downside! Oh, and it's Free to join!

  • Who is Marine Science Odyssey?

    Marine Science Odyssey is a learning platform developed by it's parent company Lionfish Central, a Marine Conservation nonprofit based in Florida. They helped bring needed tools and services to the Lionfish Community and now want to do the same to protect the Oceans around the world. The more people know about the oceans the more they can help.

  • What is in the Odyssey learning platform?

    Marine Science Odyssey is a never-ending space that continually adds new Marine Science content. You can view or listen to podcasts, videos, papers, live video feeds, courses, directories and even study abroad opportunities. It will continue to update all efforts around the world in an easy to find platform. No more frustrating and time consuming searches all over the internet to find what you are looking for. We also have experts and instructors from all over the world growing our Odyssey.