The first of two families of pinnipeds is the Phocids

Phocids are also known as earless seals or “true” seals. They have ear holes, but no external ear flaps.
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Sea Lions

The second of two families of pinnipeds is the Otariids.

Otariids, also known as eared seals, include sea lions and fur seals such as the Steller sea lion and the northern fur seal. Unlike true seals, they have external ear flaps.
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Seals & Sea Lions

NOAA has put together some great information about Seals and Sea Lions

    1. Seals & Sea Lions Introduction

    1. Bearded Seal

    2. Bearded Seal: Conservation & Management

    3. Bearded Seal: Science

    1. California Sea Lion

    2. California Sea Lion: Conservation & Management

    3. California Sea Lion: Science

    1. Gray Seal

    2. Gray Seal: Conservation & Management

    3. Gray Seal: Science

    1. Guadalupe Fur Seal

    2. Guadalupe Fur Seal: Conservation & Management

    3. Guadalupe Fur Seal: Science

    1. Harbor Seal

    2. Harbor Seal: Conservation & Management

    3. Harbor Seal: Science

Seals & Sea Lions

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